Roving Circus Performers

Make your special event come to life
with circus Specialty acts

Looking for a roving performer in Sydney? A roving performance will instantly lighten the mood of an event. Performers get people laughing, talking and interacting. Perfect ice-breaker entertainment.Roving performances are a great ice breaker for promotional events, trade shows, exhibitions, parties, gala dinners or Award nights. Add a roving performer to meet and great your guests. They can mingle and wander throughout the crowd or do spot performances in different locations.

Bring the circus to your next special function or corporate event

Roving entertainers make your special event more exciting upon first glance. They add colour, movement excitement and maximum enjoyment with massive impact to any type of event.Magician Australia have an immense range of roving circus performers and circus acts. Give your event that touch of authentic circus with some of our magnificent circus performers no matter the size or occasion we have something for you. Circus entertainment is the best way to uplift any event from weddings to corporate events.

Our dazzling displays will not fail in drawing gasps from even the most difficult crowds – there is no better way to impress your guests. Have a look for yourselves! Our roving performers are talented, skilled, and interactive artists that have fun with the crowd.

Fire Hoola Hoop Performers, fire Twirlers

At Magician Australia Entertainment we have an outstanding array of circus roving performers such as Hoola Hoop entertainers Contortionists, jugglers, fire eaters, fire dancers and more variety circus acts just waiting to captivate audiences at weddings, corporate functions, festivals, product launches and private events. Demonstrating impressive skilful and daring feats.

Our performers can create incredible performances incorporating any number of circus routines and stunts. Many of our acts also incorporate acrobatics and multiple circus disciplines to create breathtaking walkabout routines with the added wow factor.

Experience world class circus entertainment with
mind-bending contortion acts:

A contortionist is an extremely flexible performer who can bend her body into interesting and odd positions. If you go to the circus, you may get to see contortionists. Contortionists are acrobats who specialize in bending and twisting in dramatic ways.

Magician Australia provide the best contortionists to amaze your guests with amazing body twisting routines and incredible feats like folding their body in to a small perspex box.

Light up your next event with Spectacular fire performers

Imagine Circus fire performers light up any event! Fire performers use a variety of props (like fire fans, staff and fire hoops to manipulate real fire with captivating movement. We offer fire dancing, fire acrobatics, fire eating, and fire breathing. Available for both stage shows and ambient entertainment. Performances can happen indoors and outside.

Book a fire show from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Let us incorporate fire acts into a variety cirque show. See more fire performers on Menu

Amaze your guests with mesmerising light Shows with
Colour and Glow displays

Amaze your guests with a totally mesmerising light show from our highly talented LED light performers. This variation on circus entertainment is visually captivating and the colourful display is a guaranteed head turner.Far more than just a regular stage show. Magician Australia led lighting performers have choreographed incredible routines which they perform to backing tracks and the speed of the props combined with the ever changing colours is a completely spellbinding experience.

Transform your event in to a totally unique lighting experience

These professional world class entertainers have put a modern twist on old fashioned circus entertainment by including LED.This exciting light show includes a variety of eye catching LED props such as the classic clubs, balls, batons, hoola hoops ,diabolo and LED poi. When performed in the proper dark conditions the light show really comes to life and transforms into a totally unique experience where the spectator will forget they are watching jugglers.

The LED Jugglers’s props are flawlessly synced so that you receive outstanding colour changes from unified to multi colour as they perform.

Traditional Circus performers with mix of skills,
humor and excitement.

Circus comedy entertainers are one of the most recognisable of circus acts. A great way to break the ice and entertain the crowd. They are great for meet and greet interaction or while the guests are having cocktails or before food is served. Although the clowns may put on a silly act as they are hugely talented performers. Many of them can tumble, juggle hats, clubs, balls, fire-eat and ride a unicycle.

Extreme circus fire Jugglers & knife jugglers

There is just something amazing about having jugglers at your event! Juggling has to be the most known and popular performance art there is. Every movie where you are at a fair or circus, there will always be jugglers. Jugglers are a staple for performance art. Hiring jugglers work great as a solo stage act, a roving performer, even works wonders for pop up performances.Our jugglers Juggle everything from apples to wine bottles, fire, knives to chainsaws, Perfect for visual decoration or small interactive shows.

Looking for a Laugh?The
Super-Skilled Plate Spinner

Looking for a laugh? The incredible plate spinner is sure to impress with his amazing ability to juggle plates while spinning them on sticks.Whether you’re looking for a unique party entertainment or just a few laughs, our plate spinners are sure to deliver.Get your plate spinning today.

The Magic Happens right
before your very eyes

Close up magicians are the kind of magicians that perform close-up magic, right under your nose. If you have ever watched famous street magicians like Dynamo or David Blaine, then you get the idea.Close up magicians will mix and mingle with your guests, performing their magic to small groups of your guests at a time. A close up Magician for hire is best used to greet and entertain your guests as they arrive at the venue or in-between courses of the dinner. This keeps the entertainment flowing throughout the evening. Magician Australia have ten of the top magicians in Sydney that will amaze your guests guaranteed.

Mimes and Circus Clowns guaranteed to make your guests smile

These hilarious and innovative mimes are guaranteed to make your guests smile as they move through the venue imitating, gesticulating, and building on the unique mood of the event. They present an interactive spectacle, which compels the audience to participate in the comical drama that ensues.

Playing to a small group of guests at any one time, the mimes involve themselves directly in the developing plot. Masters of imitation and invention. The mime artists can integrate props or themes relating to your organisation into their act. The Mimes will help make sure that yours is an event that will be remembered.

Spectacular aerial ring performances are sure to
leave your guests in awe

Here at Magician Australia we offer spectacular aerial acts for your wedding, private party or corporate event. Aerial artists and performances are the perfect way to entertain your guests, it’s sure to leave them in complete awe. If you are looking for something that will halt your guests in amazement, you have come to the right place.

Our aerial circus acts demonstrate grace, strength and inspiring athletic moves whilst being suspended at immense heights with their astonishing aerial skills. Our aerialist performers are guaranteed to entertain and charm your guests no matter the size of your event.

Death-defying drops on
beautiful draping silks

Aerial Silk performers and trapeze are most definitely one of our most highly demanded aerial performances. Demonstrating stunning choreography and death-defying drops on beautiful draping silks, which is most certainly going to leave your guests in awe. If your event has a theme, not to worry, with a wide range of beautiful silks in every colour, we are able to match your theme no matter how bold or subtle it may be. Our aerial circus acts will create a grand entrance or stun your guests with aerial silk artists that pour you champagne, the perfect way to greet your guests.

Create Atmosphere with
amazing pole dancing

Magician Australia have talented circus and variety acts such as pole dancing that are designed for your audience to stop and watch the performance.Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. The act is high impact entertainment and its duration varies from 4-8 minutes. Majority of floor acts, such as a juggler or handstand performer normally utilise around 3 metres of space. Larger acrobatic acts might require 5 or so metres like acrobatic circus acts

Two combined human bodies create shapes in
love and Motion

Adagio is the performance of two human bodies isync working together as a pair. It is performed in professional circus, in various dance disciplines including acro dance and ballet. Adagio incorporates the human body to create remarkable shapes and images. Your guests will be amazed by the amazing creations and images of two combined bodies in love and motion

Charismatic stilt walking performers are guaranteed
to be the life of the party.

Stilt walkers are sure to stand out in a crowd. Stilt characters are a great way to engage your audience. They are available with all kinds of costumes, which can suit an array of themes. Stilt walkers are perfect for roving entertainment in parades or festivals and are perfect to meet and greet guests or for photo opportunities and to add grandeur.Stilt walkers are entertainers that dress in costume and walk on stilts.

They can be hired for a variety of events, and they can add a unique atmosphere to any occasion. Whether it’s a clown, a superhero, or a fairy, a stilt walker can be the perfect addition to any event.

Balloon Artists

Magician Australia have some of the most talented Sydney balloon artists that twist balloons in to amazing incredible sculptures. Our skilful Balloon twisters will make you’re guests feel special to be given a beautiful balloon sculpture.Twisting fantastic balloon sculptures guarantees the delight of your guests and a great gift to take home to remember the special event. Balloon artists create colour and atmosphere, laughter and amazement to any type of function or special event.

Brighton up your special event with Circus and Magic Performers in Sydney

Roving performers are great for brightening up any event without stealing the show. Perfect for meet and greet or to kick of at the start of your event. Roaming performers create atmosphere as they move among and interact with people in the audience.We can provide the best roving performers nationally. They provide a memorable way to engage and entertain guests as the roam around you event or festival. Perfect for meeting and greeting, mixing and mingling. Adding an unexpected character to your event is sure way to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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