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Stage Magic Shows

Brendan Mon Tanner’s ultimate magic show for the whole family

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Spectacular Extreme Magic Show is most ideal for Family audiences.Witness fast pace Extreme magic, Mind-Blowing Illusions, Spectacular Fire -eating, Comedy, audience participation and Dare – Devil Stunts, It’s more than just a magic show.

Customised illusion Shows to suit your theme or special event

Brendan Montanner’s Magic to the max Show will tailor a performance specifically to your event, providing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. He will work with you to create a unique show that fits the theme and atmosphere of your event, ensuring that it is a memorable one.Brendan can adjust the shows to cater to any type of family, from young children to older adults, by changing the content and tone to suit their needs and interests. He can ensure that the show is appropriate for all members of the family, making sure that everyone is entertained and engaged.

He’ll fool you and amaze you with Mind-blowing illusions

If you really want to WOW an audience then Brendan Mon Tanner Sydney’s Premier Magician is an excellent option. Brendan Mon Tanner’s Magic shows are fun, engaging, upbeat, and can be tailored to fit a wide range of audiences and events. Brendan creates the wow factor with his mind-blowing cutting edge magic entertaining presentations, incredible dare devil stunts and audience interaction and participation that have a predominant role throughout all Brendan’s performances, everyone gets to be part of the show and share the excitement while having an unforgettable experience.

Witness some of the most incredible illusions live on stage

Witness the vanishing assistant, The sawing in half illusion,The Levitation, The headless assistant, Spectacular fire eating, Comedy routines and hilarious audience participation that will have the audience totally amazed and off the edge of their seats in side – Splitting laughter.This is perfect entertainment for any type of special event and is catered for children and family audiences.

No Editing videos, No Camera Tricks just real magic live on stage

Brendan Mon Tanner is an Australian magician, illusionist comedian and all round family entertainer that has received fourteen awards, as well as is in the Guinness Book of World Records for his unbelievable skills. His talent acts include pure magic with no camera tricks to create the look of illusion and shows that are ideal for any age audience with no vulgar language or adult content.

Brendan Mon Tanner with over 28 years of experience will especially tailor make and customise the very best routines that will guarantee results for children, teens and adults. Brendan Mon Tanner has performed in over 20 international casino shows around the world,he has also performed over 800 Corporate shows, over 200 cruise ship shows and over 500 public shows for children and adults.Brendan is sure to cast the magic of success over any type of special event.

Looking for an unforgettable experience? 

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Magic show is tailored to fit any event, big or small. From Shopping Centres and Schools to Theatres, Cruise Liners, Festivals, Expo’s, Clubs and all types of family events, Brendan can customise the entertainment to give your guests the best possible experience. With a variety of tricks and illusions. Brendan’s show is sure to amaze and delight everyone in attendance. Whether you’re looking for a grand, theatrical performance or a more intimate show, Brendan can create a show that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

Sawing a boy in halve or floating a child in mid-air

The Extreme stage Magic Show is one of the most spectacular and thrilling events to witness. It features a variety of illusions, stunts and tricks that will leave you in awe. Here are some of the highlights of this amazing show.

Sawing a Child in Half

The Sawing in Half Illusion: This is one of the most popular illusions performed in the show. It involves the magician sawing a volunteer in half, seemingly without harm. It is a truly mesmerizing experience that will leave you wondering how it is done.

Floating a Child From The Audience

Floating a Child from the Audience: This is another amazing feat that the magician performs. He will levitate a child from the audience and make them float in mid-air. It is a truly magical experience that will leave you in awe.Appearing and Vanishing Assistants: The magician also has some mysterious assistants that appear and vanish during the show. This adds an extra layer of mystery and suspense to the show.

Removing Head From Assistant

Removing a Head from One of His Assistant’s Body: This is another one of the show’s highlights. The magician will remove a head from one of his assistant’s body and then magically put it back. It is a truly hilarious and mesmerizing experience. The show also features the magician swallowing balloons just for fun. It is a truly unique experience that will leave you in awe.

The Magic of Brendan: Appearing on Over 30 Television Shows

Brendan’s talents have taken him all over the world. He has performed on some of the most popular and iconic television shows such as the footy show,where he showed off his skills with a series of mind-blowing illusions. He also appeared on the Disney Channel, where he demonstrated some of his most impressive tricks and dare devil stunts In addition to his television appearances, Brendan has also been featured on Guinness World Records, where he attempted to break the record for the most fire sticks distinguished with his mouth in 60 seconds. He also appeared on Four Weddings, where he amazed the guests with a series of incredible illusions that left them in awe.

As Seen on P&O, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Ships

Brendan has had a successful career as a magician, performing over 300 theatre shows on some of the most renowned cruise ships in Australia. His shows have been seen by thousands of people, with audiences of up to 1000 people. He has amazed and delighted his audiences with his unique brand of magic, captivating them with his clever illusions and engaging them with his wit and charm. He has become a popular entertainer on the cruise ship circuit, and his shows are always met with great enthusiasm and appreciation.

Magic To The Max Show, Sydney’s Extreme Magic Show

This is one of the many reasons as to why Australia’s No 1 Magician Brendan Mon Tanner performance is so popular. Sydney Magician Brendan Mon Tanner  can offer a stunning stage show, close-up magic tricks,and fire eating amongst his bag of tricks. His performance will add a stylish element of surprise and delight by engaging your guests with a slick and professional act. Brendan Mon Tanner’s entertainment will guarantee a lasting memory and extremely positive reactions in all who experience it.Don”t be the one to miss out. 

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    • One of the funniest shows I have ever seen,highlight of the night.Brendan had me laughing.

      Cam Scott
    • Brendan,Thanks for a great night of entertainment, everyone is still talking about it

      Ricki Stuart
    • Brendan is my favourite magician,Always keeps me AWAKE.


      Ray Martin
    • Incredible I enjoyed the night,very funny man.FANYASTIC

      Kostya Tszyu
    • Stand up Comedy magician and extreme Illusionist in Sydney Brendan Mon Tanner is an award winning

      Best Sydney Magician