Checkout Brendan Mon Tanner’s magic and illusion Shows on p&0 and Carnival Cruises


  August 19th to 25th Adventurer 

  September 14th to 18th Splendour

  Oct 1st to 9th  Luminosa    

  Nov 25th to 30 th  Splendour  Cairns to Syd


Dec 30th to 2nd Jan  Splendour Syd to Nuomea  Splendour 

Jan  12th to 15th  Sydney to Nuomea    Splendour               

feb  6th to 13th   Sydney to Cairns    Splendour                       

Feb 17th to 21st  Syd to Cairns  Splendour                             

March 6th to 11th  Syd to Nuomea  Splendour                        

March 14th to 18th  Syd to Cairns  Splendour                          

March 29th to 2nd April  Syd to Syd  Splendour                       

May 10th to 16th  Cairns to Syd  Spendour 

Aug 8th to 14th  Cairns to Syd    Splendour                            

Oct 8th to 11th Nuomea to syd   Luninosa                               

Oct 25 to 30th  Christchurch to Syd Spendour                         

Nov 29th to 4th Dec  Christchurch to Syd  Splendour              

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