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For months, to a year or more in advance, every detail of your wedding is planned to make the day the most magical day. The supernatural power of magic is a wonderful entertainment to celebrate the day and the forces of nature that brought the beautiful wedding couple together. Magician Australia has years of experience in organizing outstanding wedding entertainment and helps the special couple to choose the perfect entertainment or combination of entertainment for their wedding day. We offer an array of artists like Comedy Magicians, Roving Magicians, Music Floor Shows, Singers, Fire Eaters, MC’s and more.
Magician Australia caters to all nationalities, including Italian, Maltese, Greek, Lebanese, and Vietnamese to ensure the perfect entertainment for the wedding day. Give us a call today to discuss your wedding entertainment needs to make your day a magical and memorable day. CALL 1300624424.


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Brendan Mon Tanner Hilarious Comedy Magician As Seen on FOUR WEDDINGS

The wedding day is the ultimate splendor and magic of the dynamic couple and months of planning to make the day pure magic. The atmosphere is spectacular with the magic of love and entertainment that with just as much universal power should not be overlooked.
Brendan Mon Tanner has become a popular guest at most major wedding receptions and in high demand with his astonishing wedding day entertainment that will have all the guests in laughter and amazement, enjoying the special day.
The hilarious wedding show is 30 to 40 minutes in duration and one that features astonishing magic combined with comedy and hilarious audience interaction. Don’t be surprised if you see the groomsmen or best man participating in some off the wall stunt or act or the crowd’s side splitting in laughter and amazement.
The show is the perfect entertainment for all types of weddings and contains no blue material and is not offensive. Just good clean magical fun!
Brendan’s been seen on the Australia Smashes World Records, Ready Steady Cook, Hey Hey Its Saturday, Footy Show and more.

Roving Magicians for Wedding Entertainment
Roving magicians can be the ideal entertainment for any wedding, especially those with many guests who are not acquainted, or as an ice breaker while the guests wait for the bride and groom to make their big entrance. Magicians perform with cards, coins and the most impossible tricks will warm up the crowd with amazement and laughter putting a real twist of magic on the special day.
Roving magicians are a great way to bring guests together and offer an evening of fun and light entertainment with comedy, amazing tricks, and hilarious group interaction. Ideal for all weddings. Call today to book roving magicians for your wedding day. 1300624424.
Comedy Magician, Brendan Mon Tanner, is dangerously hilarious, extremely mystifying and uniquely original and one of Australia’s funniest magicians with a tailor made act suited just for weddings.

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