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Table to Table Magic with Award Winning Comedy Magician Brendan Mon Tanner

Comedy Magician, Brendan Mon Tanner, is the ultimate magician and a hilarious comedian who will make your next event an event that will be remembered. His shows are ideal for clients, staff and VIP’s who you unit for your company event.  Brendan Mon Tanner’s shows with sleight of hand magic and hilarious participation from the audience is truly magnificent. With the mystery of magic and the hilarious one-liners, your guests will be caught between laughter and amazement.

Brendan Mon Tanner roves from table to table performing mini-magic shows at each, allowing all guests to enjoy the magnificent amazement of magic and the laughter of humour. There is plenty of interactive fun for all guests to enjoy.  The time Brendan Mon Tanner and magicians spends at each table is determined by the number of tables and how long you require the magicians to perform. Call 1300624424 to book today.


ROVING MAGICIANS & ENTERTAINERS  Moving from group to group

Roving magicians are great for company or corporate events and a great ice breaker to warm up the crowd. Magicians roam from table to table performing a number of tricks, including sleight of hand magic, card tricks and more!  There is plenty of interaction with the guests and plenty of laughter with quick wit and humour. Walk around magic performed by roving magicians is ideal for getting guests to relax and warm-up at a cocktail hour or before the company or corporate dinner. Roving magicians are even great at trade shows.

Close up magic is a great way to entertain clients, VIP’s and staff with magic performed right before their eyes and sometimes in their hands!

Magician Australia’s Brendan Mon Tanner and our roving magicians top the evening with the mystery and thrill of magic and hilarious humour that make for an evening that will be remembered.

Call Magician Australia at 1300624424 today to book table to table magic shows for your next company or corporate event.

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