Illusionist and Roving Street

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Illusionist Magician, Sydney

Magic to the Max

A Rock Magic Spectacular, Copperfield Style Illusions with Las Vegas Flavour

Brendan Mon Tanner, six entertainment award winner, offers Australia dynamic and breathtaking variety shows with spectacular illusions and dare devil stunts that are truly the best!

The stage is dazzling and electric with the Brendan Mon Tanner’s futuristic illusions, cutting edge magic gorgeous assistants, exotic birds that appear from nowhere, powerful music and dance and lighting effects, not to mention the most outrageous dare devil stunts ever seen.

You’ll be simply amazed with the removable head illusion, cutting a person into three parts, appearing and disappearing assistants without the use of cameras!, the sawing in half of a person, the dangerous spiker illusion, the shrinking of a human to a mere 6 inches, electrifying dance numbers, breathtaking fire eating and many more exciting and spectacular effects that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The show is ideally suited for outdoor concerts, major clubs, casinos, theatres, theme parks, convention centres, and large family events.


Roving Magicians

Roving Magicians Table to Table

When entertaining clients, staff or VIPs at a conference company banquet, corporate dinner or company party Brendan Mon Tanner will make your event memorable with roving magicians who offer a wonderful performance to warm up the crowd.  Table to table mini magic shows are ideal as an ice breaker during cocktail hour or before dinner and can be the highlight of the party.

Table to table magic are idea for company and corporate events and functions and all other special occasions with sleight of hand magic, comedy and participation. Roving magicians are humorous and fun and most of all add the element that will make your event one that the crowd will remember.

Call 13006244424 today to schedule roving magicians for your next event.


Roving Street Magicians

Roving street magicians are a grand way to celebrate any outdoor event.  Brendan Mon Tanner and magicians will amaze the crowd with comedy magic, including sleight of hand magic, card and coin tricks, and much more.  The magicians are comical and engage the audience with plenty of interaction and crazy stunts and audience participation.

Roving street magicians are ideal for a grand opening, or street event, featuring up close magic which delights and thrills the crowd.

To book roving street magicians for your next event or function, call 1300624424.

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