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He’ll Fool You Shock You & Amaze You


Brendan Mon Tanner’s Comedy Magic will leave you shocked, amazed and in total suspense and “awe”. Australia’s Comedy Magician and 12 time award winning action packed magician’s award winning comedy magic presentations thrill the audience with a combination of comedy and magic that will have your sides splitting and your mind amazed. The show will have your adrenaline pumping and your sides splitting as the supernatural power of the impossible, illusion, stunts and comedy are combined for an unbelievable exciting show. The show is tailor made with audience participation that will have you rolling in laughter. Before the show, secret nomination of co-workers, the Company Director or Boss, or the accountant to have your favourite picks on stage! Your sides will split with roaring laughter and amazement. No blue material and guaranteed no audience embarrassment. Call 1300624424.

Magic & Comedy Show With two Assistants

Enjoy magic like you see on the Big Screen right before your eyes in Brendan Mon Tanner’s Fast & Dangerous Extreme Magic & Comedy show that will fool you, shock you and amaze you. The amazing, cutting edge magic that makes the impossible happen is simply mind blowing. The illusions are grand with Rock music to heighten the grand illusions with action paced adrenaline. The entertainment is like no other as you witness 45 to 75 minutes of outrageous comedy and magic that includes his awesome assistants as they combine the power of the super natural with outrageous comedy. Witness the sawing in half illusion,hilarious audience participation, spectacular fire eating, disappearing assistants and comedy routines.



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