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Brendan Mon Tanner’s Non-Stop Comedy Entertainment


Brendan Mon Tanner, Comedy Magician, delivers side splitting performances that have been seen on TV.  His non-stop, adrenaline flowing entertainment is ideal for all ages and features world class magic with hilarious comedy that will have you rolling off the edge of your seat.

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Brendan Mon Tanner has received12 Awards forbest specialty act and comedy magician live entertainment excellence.  The supernatural power of his magic will fool you, shock you, and amaze you and his outrageously funny humour will leave you in stitches.  The combination of comedy and magic is dynamite action that is unforgettable.

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Dangerously Hilarious KNOCKOUT Comedy Show is magic to the max entertainment.  The show is filled with action and magic that will have you on the edge of your seat and comedy that will have you rolling with laughter.  Hilarious audience participation, comedy, magic and outrageous dare devil stunts will have you shocked, amazed and holding onto your sides! For laughs that never end, good clean fun and an experience of a lifetime book now.  1300624424.


Xtreme Comedy & Illusion Show


The illusion of the impossible becoming real is a site you will believe in the Xtreme Comedy & Illusion Show of Brendan Mon Tanner, Comedy Magician.  The show is truly amazing and one that will not only leave you in stitches, but one that will leave you totally astonished.  It is hilarious, action packed, and interactive with crazy fun.  


Brendan Mon Tanner performs his award winning magic with his own special twist of comedy for entertainment with action, danger, audience participation, illusion and comedy magic that will leave you breathless.  The presentation is out of this world, and leaves the audience glued to their seat as the power of the supernatural is performed before their eyes.  Watch a man shrink, Brendan Mon Tanner swallow razor blades and eat extreme fire, as well as sawing a man in half illusion and the hilarious head chopper with exciting dynamic stunts to boot!  It is pure adrenaline fun that has you gasping and laughing in total amazement that you’ll remember for years.  The show is fun for the entire family and truly will leave your eyes popping and your sides splitting.

Functions, Conferences, Special Events Up To 1000 Guests

Call 13006244424 to book today.

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