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SHOW 1 Hilarious Comedy Magician

Brendan Mon Tanner is Australia’s famed Comedy Magician who presents comedy magic shows that will thrill and excite you. His witty humour and mystic magic offer the best entertainment for all occasions and events.
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Brendan Mon Tanner has received 12 Awards in Excellence for best specialty act and best comedy magician in live entertainment. The show is one that is outrageously daring with the ultimate powers of the supernatural in action as Brendan Mon Tanner mystifies, excites and thrills you with magnificent magic acts and stunts, including sleight of hand magic. His show is guaranteed to add the dynamic atmosphere and entertainment you need, packed with action, cutting edge magic and hilarious comedy and includes dare devil stunts that will have you on the edge of your seat and audience participation that will have you in stitches.


SHOW 2 Extreme Illusion Show


Brendan Mon Tanner’s Extreme Magic Show includes two extreme assistants.
This show is ideal for larger type events and functions and one that will leave a lasting impression!


Extreme Comedy Magic Show is adrenaline flowing packed with action and danger combined with outrageous comedy that makes an unbelievable show. From the suspense of dare devil stunts, to sleight of hand magic, to funny comedy, you will be glued to your seat, if not rolling off it!

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Extreme Magic Show includes Two extreme assistants, razor blade swallowing, the hilarious head chopper, the shrinking man to six inches, extreme fire eating and more exciting dynamic stunts.

The show is ideal for larger company and corporate events and functions as well as special occasions of any type. Call 1300624424 to book your show now.

Functions,Conferences Special Events Up To 1000 Guests CALL 1300624424

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