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Company Parties, Conferences, Company Banquets, Product Promotions, Trade Shows, National Sales Meetings and All Types of Special Occasions

Company and Corporate event entertainment shouldn’t be dull. In fact, it should leave a lasting impression that is associated with the event or occasion. Brendan Mon Tanner, Comedy Magician, presents table to table magic with outrageous funny humour that will have guests talking and remembering the event. The shows are attention grabbers that leave the crowd raving.

Corporate Dinners Table to Table Magic

Whether your event is for clients, VIPs or staff, Brendan Mon Tanner, will make the event one that will leave the best impression. He’s extremely comedic and one of Australia’s best magicians, who engages the participation of his audience. With mini-magi shows at each table that include sleight of hand magi, coin tricks, and tricks and more, he leaves he table mystified and laughing in pure amazement.

The time the magician spends at each table is determined by the number of tables and the number of performers you have roving table to table, as well as how long they are required.

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Roving Magicians Moving from Group to Group

Roving magicians are a wonderful icebreaker for any type of event, offering plenty of audience interaction with excitement, fun and laughter. Roving magicians are the ideal way to warm up the crowd and a great icebreaker for all types of events and functions. The shows are ideal for cocktail hour or before entering the dining room. They are also ideal for trade shows. The magic of magic up close is even more amazing, and will leave your guests astonished.

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Promote a Product with Magic

Magic is a magnificent means to promote a product and an association that will leave a lasting impression of the product.

Brendan Mon Tanner’s magic presentations are the ideal means to boost your product awareness and increase sales and ideal for trade shows.

Trade booth shows last about 10 to 15 minutes and repeated throughout the day, attracting more exhibit goers, encouraging them to take a greater interest in your product. This can lead to massive opportunities to meet new clients and make sales, stopping people in their tracks as they take notice to what you are presenting.

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